• About Etrias

    Etrias is a chain of online specialist stores. We believe in specialisation, in excellent products, and in outstanding service. In collaboration with various top brands, we have a different store for every type of product with assortments as large as possible. That means that you will always find a unique assortment in our stores.

    Stock & Delivery time

    Our best selling products are often already available in our warehouse. These products are indicated by the message, 'ordered today, shipped today', because these items will be shipped as soon as they are ordered. However, as specialists, we offer you even more. In our collection, you will find deviating sizes and colours, as well as unique collections. These products are sometimes made to order, or they are shipped from the brands' European distribution centres. Next to these products, as we're sure you can imagine, a longer shipping time is stated. The shipping time is always mentioned next to each product.

    History & Development

    Etrias is a young and fast-growing company that was founded in 2011 by Laurens Ultee, Wouter Schreurs, and Stan Verhoeven. What once began as a single webshop developed from their student accommodation has grown into dozens of online specialist stores and one physical shop in the Netherlands. In this time the team has grown to around 50 employees and the company has expanded across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

    Contact Details

    Schouwrooij 9
    5281 RE Boxtel
    The Netherlands
    Phone: (01223) 320693
    E-mail: customerservice@etrias.co.uk

    Business Details

    Company Name: Etrias
    Chamber of Commerce number: 69103267
    VAT number: NL857735408B01
  • Webshops

    We believe in expertise, beautiful products at fair prices, exceptional service and good-working web shops. We are active in different product groups and we have created a website for each one. For every specialised web shop, we have put together a wide range of products in co-operation with several top brands so that we can offer you a wide range of products.

    You can find all our beautiful product on www.etrias.co.uk
  • Large Orders

    Would you like to place a large order? Of course, you can do this in our webshop. During the online ordering process, you have the option of entering your company name. If you so wish, then you can also add your VAT number here if you want to see it on the bill. After completing your order, either by direct bank transfer or advance payment, you will receive an invoice which will be sent via e-mail. There you will find all the information that is important for your records.

    Customised offer

    If you want to order a large number of products, you can contact our customer service and ask for an offer that is best suited to your needs. Our customer service can advise you about the products and provide you with information about our stock. If we have to order the products from our suppliers, then our customer service can also give you information about delivery time.