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Giorgio is an Italian brand that was founded in 1958. The company began producing shoes in a small factory selling within Italy, but has grown to the international brand that it is today. Led by Giorgio Cugnigni, Lino Donnari, and Marcello Fratini, the company now sells their shoes, belts, and other accessories across Europe, and have become known for their products' high quality and comfort. The high skill of the craftsmanship can be seen in each Giorgio product, along with the perfect combination of elegance, tradition, innovation, and comfort.

Giorgio Shoes

The Giorgio brand offers shoes and accessories in three main series groups: The Giorgio Originale, Giorgio Azzuro, and Giorgio Platinum series. The Original line is made up of more simple, traditional dress shoes that are easy to combine with a wide range of outfits; the Azzuro collection contains some more casual models; the Platinum collection from Giorgio makes use of the most advanced cleaning techniques with the most beautiful materials and detailing. These three collections offer you a wide range of choice of stunning dress shoes with a great selection of different styles and models.