All Zone Denmark Products

Zone Denmark stands for functional products with a unique and stylish design. Curiosity and deviation from the norm are encouraged in the design of the products and this has ensured that this top brand has already won several high-quality design awards. Zone Denmark knows exactly how to combine top quality with a timeless and minimalist design that suits any interior. Because the products are of high quality, they last for years. They are also available in different colours and series so that the perfect accessories for your living room, kitchen, or bathroom can always be found in the Zone Denmark range.

Zone Denmark Soap Dispenser

The soap dispensers from the Scandinavian brand Zone Denmark are the perfect accessory for your kitchen or bathroom. The dispensers are made of earthenware or plastic and each has a unique design. Zone Denmark's soap dispensers are available in different colour tones, series, and shapes, making them easy to combine with your own style. This top brand is not only known for the beautiful appearance of its products, but also for their functionality. They have also managed to translate this effortlessly into their soap dispenser range. These are easy to refill due to the removable top and feel comfortable when used due to the soft finish.

Zone Denmark Bin

The top Danish brand Zone Denmark has effortlessly incorporated its distinctive design and top quality into its characteristic pedal bins. These bins can be placed effortlessly in any home and in any room due to the timeless and minimalist look they have. The sleek and modern colour tones provide a neat and clean look in your bathroom, for example. The volume of the pedal bins varies from 3 to 5 litres, so they can be perfectly placed in your kitchen, toilet, or bathroom. The materials that Zone Denmark has chosen when designing their bins are easy to clean with damp cloths, which improves the ease of use.

Zone Denmark Nova

The Danish designer Thomas Dudzinski has managed to create a feeling of luxury with the Zone Denmark Nova collection, which will not look out of place in any bathroom. The minimalist design of the Nova series simply makes the accessories a natural part of your bathroom and other rooms in your home. The round shapes and different colour tones make it possible to combine the products from the Nova series with any style. Zone Denmark has designed the products in this series in such a way that they are easy to combine with the other products from this brand. For example, combine the products of the Nova series with the bathroom textiles from Zone Denmark to complete the look and feel of your bathroom.

Zone Denmark Textiles

Zone Denmark's bathroom and kitchen textiles are made of quick-drying, comfortable to use, and highly absorbent materials. This is because the Zone Denmark towels and kitchen linens are made of 100% cotton, which makes them very durable as well as comfortable. Zone Denmark's textiles are available in different sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect size for your home. The elegant colours give each item a luxurious look, so that they can be placed effortlessly in any kitchen or bathroom. With Zone Denmark bathroom and kitchen textiles, you will be bringing textiles into your home that you know are of very high quality and will last for years.

Zone Denmark Trivet

The trivets and pan coasters from Zone Denmark ensure that your dining table will not be damaged by hot pans or oven dishes. Trivets must of course ensure that your table is not damaged, but they are also an important part of the look of your table. Zone Denmark has therefore designed its trivets in such a way that they are not only functional, but also look very stylish. The different designs are available in different colours that are easy to combine. The different colours and shapes make the trivets from Zone Denmark an excellent addition to any dining table. The trivets have an anti-slip effect and consist of soft materials that protect both the pan and the table.