All Blomus Products

The German brand Blomus has a rich history under the name SKS-Design and has been around since 1921, but changed their name to Blomus in 2009. Blomus has become famous for the beautiful designs of the products they produce, which are durable, timeless, and stunning. Each Blomus product is made exclusively using high quality materials, such as stainless steel, and are created with design and user-friendliness in mind. Browse our Blomus collection to find accessories for every room in the house!

Blomus Kitchen Accessories

Blomus has designed a wide range of accessories for use in the kitchen or dining room. For example, you can go to Blomus for bread baskets, fruit baskets, table linens, utensils, cutlery, glasses, plates and bowls, and much more. With some of the beautiful kitchen accessories from Blomus, you ensure your kitchen has a stylish look. Blomus products are known for their sleek and timeless designs, as well as their excellent stainless steel kitchen accessories that will last for years to come.

Blomus Bathroom Accessories

In addition to the kitchen accessories, Blomus has also excelled in bathroom accessories. There is a choice of a wide range of soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, laundry baskets, storage boxes, toilet butlers, towel rails, and much more. These bathroom accessories feature beautifully sleek designs and are very user-friendly - what more could you need? In addition, the accessories are made of stainless steel, which means that you will enjoy the products for years to come.

Blomus Home Decor

Blomus' assortment of decorative accessories includes candle holders, storage boxes, vases, but you can also visit Blomus for clocks or wine racks. The decorative collection features durable accessories that are made predominantly using stainless steel. This means that Blomus products will last for years. With the decorative accessory collection, you can create a stylish look with timeless accessories in every room of the house, even the garden.

Blomus Garden Accessories

Blomus has also designed a beautiful range of items with which you give your garden a cosy atmosphere. The garden accessories collection has beautiful mood lighting such as candle lanterns and torches. But Blomus is also the right place for stylish watering cans or bird feeders. Extend the modern look from the inside your home out into the garden. The garden collection is made of stainless steel so that the products retain their high quality for years.

Blomus Fireplace Accessories

Do you have a fireplace in your home? Blomus even has accessories for you! A fireplace looks nice and cosy, but with the accessories from Blomus, you give your fireplace just a little more atmosphere and a stylish look. Have a look at Blomus' fireplace sets and wood trays for the fireplace. The accessories are not only very handy, but also ensure a beautiful appearance. Complete the fireplace with beautiful Blomus accessories.