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Base Layers

For the more sporty among us who like to go out outdoor adventures and exercise outdoors no matter the weather, then it's important to have the right gear so that you stay warm enough. Within our collection of women's clothes, we have included a great line of base layers and base layer sets to complete your sporting wardrobe. On this page you will find undershirts, underwear, sports bras, and much more. Make sure you're prepared to face the cold weather for your workouts with a great choice of base layers and underwear. View our women's base layer collection below.

Base Layers for Women

Exercising outdoors can be exhilarating when its cold, but you need to be sure that you have the perfectly layered outfit to make sure that you are warm enough. That's why we have included such a great line of women's base layers and under clothing, so you can go about your outdoor activities without any trouble! Be sure to have a look at the other great shirts, jumpers, fleeces, and jackets for women that we have on offer, so you can create the perfect layered outfit for your workouts.