All WMF Products

WMF was founded in 1853 and has since then become a market leader in the world of kitchenware. With over a decade and a half of expertise, WMF products are made to exceptionally high standards. Quality, style, and functionality are central in WMF's production process, which is clear to see in each individual product. Browse our WMF collection to fully equip your kitchen.

WMF Pots & Pans

The German brand WMF is best known for its high-quality pots and pans, but mainly specialises in pans. The brand's priority is not only the functionality of the pans, but also their style and design. WMF makes different types of pans, such as frying pans, pressure cookers, wok pans, saucepans, and more, each of which will make a valued and unique addition to your kitchen.

WMF Cutlery

In addition to an extensive range of pans, WMF also has included top quality cutlery sets in its assortment. WMF cutlery is extremely popular worldwide and is known for its unrivalled quality, the beautiful designs, and high level of user comfort. You can choose from various cutlery set designs that vary from 12 pieces to 66 pieces, ensuring an elegant look for your dining table.

WMF Pressure Cookers

WMF pressure cookers are very popular because the pans make it a little easier in the kitchen by speeding up cooking times. The food is therefore ready faster, but it is also healthier because more nutritional value is preserved. WMF pressure cookers ensure a 70% faster cooking time! Ideal for those who perhaps have less time for food prep in the evening.

WMF Utensils

WMF offers various utensils, from meat hammers to peelers and from whisks to garlic presses. All WMF kitchen utensils are designed to make somewhat difficult tasks in the kitchen a lot easier, so these utensils will make a welcome addition to your kitchen! WMF kitchen utensils are known for their timeless, stylish designs and are made using only the best stainless steel.

WMF Knives

WMF stands for quality, functionality, and design; something clearly represented in their collection of knives. WMF knives are razor sharp, are highly easy to use, and look beautiful in your kitchen. Chef's knives, santoku knives, meat knives, vegetable knives, peeling knives, and much more. You'll find them all here with WMF, as well as a beautiful selection of knife blocks and sharpeners.