All Cawö Products

Founded in 1947, Cawö is a major player in the bathroom textiles and linen market. This German company makes its products entirely by itself, which guarantees the best quality. Moreover, the terry cloth is made from natural products and is therefore very durable. That means you can continue to enjoy your Cawö products for years. A choice for Cawö is a choice for quality.

Cawö Towels

Cawö does not outsource any aspect of their production process, which means that Cawö can ensure that each product excels in quality. The towels in the Cawö collection have a high moisture-absorbing capacity and also feel wonderfully soft on the skin. Cawö towels are available in a variety of types, sizes, and colours, there is something for every type of bathroom!

Cawö Flannels

Cawö flannels and washcloths are distinguished by the softness of the fabric used. Cawö flannels feel very nice and comfortable on the skin and do not irritate. This makes them an indispensable item for your bathroom. Cawö has also adapted their collection of flannels to its collection of towels, allowing you to create a harmonious appearance of your bathroom in an instant.

Cawö Bathrobes

Nothing is nicer on a lazy Sunday morning than to get out of bed, put on your dressing gown, and prepare a delicious breakfast. Cawö bathrobes contribute to this wonderfully relaxed feeling. Cawö bathrobes are made from 100% soft cotton and therefore feel super soft and fluffy. These bathrobes are also available in various designs, sizes, and colours, so there is a perfect bathrobe in the collection for everyone's tastes.

Cawö Bath Mats

Cawö has released a beautiful collection of bath mats that will give your bathroom a dazzling look in a flash. Cawö bath mats feel wonderfully soft and warm and also dry very quickly. Ideal, for example, if your bathroom has no underfloor heating. In addition, these these mats can absorb a lot of water, so your bathroom floor will always be dry. With an anti-split Cawö bath mat, you don't have to worry about slipping!

Cawö Bath Towels

Cawö bath towels are distinguished by their unrivalled quality. A bath towel from this brand will not only retain its beautiful colour for years, but will also still feel wonderfully soft, even after a lot of washes. Cawö bath towels are available in various designs, colours, and sizes. In addition, the bath towels are made as part of the rest of the brand's wider collections, so that you can fully customise your bathroom by choosing matching items.