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Etrias proudly presents Etrias Brands, an online shop featuring a vastly wide variety of clothing, household items, and accessories that improve upon the everyday life of our customers, whilst providing a fantastic online shopping experience.

Etrias Brands provides all of your clothing needs in one convenient web shop. Featuring high quality brands such as the outdoor clothing company The North Face, fashionable everyday footwear brand Clarks, and much more. Do you need help or advice when buying a product? Then our Customer Service team are here for you!

Kids' Clothes

Here at Etrias Brands you can fill your child´s entire wardrobe all year round with our help. We offer a wide range of different clothes suitable for the ever changing weather conditions, featuring not only incredibly practical kids' clothes, but clothing of the highest fashion. Etrias Brands has everything for your online clothes shopping needs with our range of Summer clothes, Winter clothes, and outdoor clothing.

Kids' Jackets

At Etrias Brands you will find a wide variety of kids' jackets and coats with our range of girls coats and boys coats such as winter coats, summer jackets, and raincoats for children. Etrias Brands boast an impressively large collection of jackets and coats to ensure that your child is well protected against the elements nature has to throw at them. If instead you should be after a lighter alternative, click here to view our kids' fleece collection.

Kids' Shoes

Girls' boots, boys' sneakers, and kids' walking boots are just a few types of kids' shoes that we have available amongst our assortment here at Etrias Brands. Dress for the weather with our extensive collection of boots, or dress casual with our range of fashionable kids' sneakers. During the summer holidays your child can stay cool with our summer shoes collection featuring flip flops and sandals, perfect for trips to the beach or keeping cool in the city.

Kids' Walking Boots

Etrias Brands have put together an assortment of some of the best kids' walking boots on the market by some of the highest quality outdoor brands around. Whether you are after hiking boots or casual walking shoes, Etrias Brands is an online shop featuring a variety of kids' walking boots for different walking needs. Browse through our collection of walking boots to find the right pair for your child!


Finish off your child's style with our assortment of accessories which are both ideal for outdoor activities and for everyday fashion. Ensure their belongings are easily carried with these practical kids' rucksacks, and keep them protected against the elements by combining our range of scarves and fashionably designed beanies. At Etrias Brands, we provide you with the necessary additions to kid's fashion and for everyday living.