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Here at Etrias Brands we have collected a wide assortment of products for your wardrobe, household, but also for a wide range of outdoor activities and sports. In this section of our website you will find all the great products that have available for tennis, winter sports, cycling, gadgets, and even a great selection of fun, interactive toys for, but not exclusively, kids. Browse our brilliant selection of products to keep you and your family up and active!


Within our sporting assortment, we have included everything you could ever want or need for tennis matches and training. Within this collection, you will find all manner of products; tennis rackets, tennis clothes, tennis shoes, tennis balls, tennis bags, and much, much more. You won't find a better choice of products from the best tennis brands on the market. Have a look today and complete your tennis attire collection.

Winter Sports

For the avid skiers and snowboarders among us, we have a very wide selection of winter sports clothing and equipment! All our winter sports items are made to not only be comfortable, but very safe. So if you're on the lookout for a new set of ski goggles or ski helmet, maybe a new ski jacket or pair of ski trousers, or even looking for some great winter sports accessories like ski poles or snow boots, you will find them all here!


In this section of our store, you will be able to see all of the amazing products that we have here at Etrias Brands that are suitable for cycling. We stock all the cycling clothing you could ever need to complete your cycling wardrobe; cycling jerseys, cycling jackets, cycling shorts, and even a great selection of cycling shoes. Be sure to also check out the great cycling accessories that we have to offer as well, including sporty cycling glasses, cycle helmets and gloves. Be prepared and stay safe on the roads with our great choice of cycling apparel.


It's very important to keep your family active and keep your kids entertained in an educational way. That's why, within our Active & Sport section, we have included an amazing selection of toys and sporting equipment to provide you and your children with endless hours of fun! Within this range, you will find toys for toddlers to help them with their motoric development, such as ride on cars and balance bikes. You will also find all kinds of items for great activities for the whole family; think scooters, trampolines, inline skates and ice skates, playhouses, and even pedal go-karts!


Finally, to round off our assortment of sporting and activities section, we have included a great little gadgets section! In this collection you will find an amazing selection of action cameras and drones, so you can record all your sporting ventures and activities and take your filming and photography to the next level. Alongside these cool contraptions, we also offer a great range of portable gadgets like speakers and chargers. That means that you never have to be without power again, and that you can listen to all your music on the go, no matter where you are!