All Eva Solo Products

The Danish designer brand Eva Solo began designing home accessories that perfectly combine functionality and design over 100 years ago. In this time, they have collated their expertise, and the products from Eva Solo's collection are known worldwide for their great quality and high user comfort. Each item is therefore extremely popular with anyone who enjoys designer accessories at an excellent price.

Eva Solo Kitchen

When the open kitchen became all the rage in the 70s, Eva Solo decided to focus on functional kitchenware that not only had high levels of user comfort, but also had beautiful designs. This allowed the kitchen appliances to remain on the counter and at the same time create a dazzling appearance. Years later, Eva Solo still makes beautiful kitchen accessories that will not look out of place in any kitchen and that will make for valued additions to your home.

Eva Solo Garden

The Eva Solo Garden Collection consists of beautiful garden accessories in all shapes and sizes. For example, there are beautiful plant pots and flower pots, but the brand has also included accessories such as lanterns, table lamps and barbecues in its collection. The garden accessories are of a robust quality and have trendy designs, which ensures a touch of luxury and makes each item stand out in almost every garden.

Eva Solo Dinnerware

Do you often like to host dinner parties for your friends and family? Or are you just looking to spice up your dining table? Then take a look at the Eva Solo's dinnerware collection. These beautiful, high quality products turn every table into a party and also give a beautiful appearance to your home. An asset to every dining room!

Eva Solo Interior

Although Eva Solo initially started selling kitchenware, today the company has continued to expand with the design of beautiful home accessories. The interior design products from Eva Solo's collection are characterised by the excellent quality in combination with modern designs, and are therefore perfect for any home.

Eva Solo Barbecue

Eva Solo offers barbecues in various designs. From charcoal barbecues to table grills, and from gas barbecues to handy accessories; Eva Solo has included it all in its barbecue range. Host the best garden parties for your friends and family and make the most of your summer with a beautiful barbecue from Eva Solo.