All Decor Walther Products

With Decor Walther, you are assured of bathroom accessories and furnishings of the highest level. This brand's luxurious designs ensure a timeless look in your bathroom. Decor Walther products are characterised by superior quality packaged in a beautiful design. Each item is finished with stunning details and are made almost entirely by hand. By opting for Decor Walther, you opt for discreet luxury in your home.

Decor Walther Accessories

The bathroom accessories from Decor Walther give your bathroom a brilliant in an instant. The luxurious yet timeless designs create a sense of tranquillity so that you can optimally relax in a pleasant environment. From wonderfully comfortable bathroom benches to shiny mirrors and beauty boxes: the exclusive bathroom accessories from Decor Walther are beautifully finished, down to the smallest detail.

Decor Walther Light

Bathroom lighting from Decor Walther will make your bathroom shine again. From first-class golden wall lamps to chrome bathroom lights, the Decor Walther lighting collection creates a special atmosphere. Decor Walther's metal products are also soldered by hand, polished, galvanised, and assembled. The result is an exclusive collection of bathroom lights that ensure high quality with each exquisite detail.

Decor Walther Toilet

For more than 4 decades, Decor Walther has been known for high-quality bathroom items, such as lamps, mirrors, and accessories. Decor Walther products are made mostly from brass, which not only ensures a special appearance, but also ensures that the products are very stable and long-lasting. Whether you opt for a polished version or are enchanted by the matte versions, all Decor Walther products quickly create a sense of luxury.

Decor Walther Bin

Even the rubbish bins from Decor Walther are very aesthetically-pleasing. The brand has released various collections, each offering a special design in combination with excellent quality. The bins in Decor Walther's collection will make a stylish addition to your bathroom, instead of being an eye-sore in the corner. From small to large bins, shiny gold to matte black; all Decor Walther bins have an exclusive look that ensures luxury in no time.

Decor Walther Towel Rack

The towel racks from Decor Walther are the perfect accessory for every design enthusiast. Whether you choose a single or double rack, a towel ring or hook, or even a unique free-standing model, one thing is certain: your towels will be hung very nicely and neatly. The products in the Decor Walther collection fit seamlessly together, so you can also mix and match to your heart's content and choose the perfect accessories or your bathroom.