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More than 100 years ago, the sneakers from the Italian brand Superga were first introduced to the market. The simple, timeless and sporty design immediately caught on and in no time the sneakers became extremely popular. Today, Superga's sneakers are still an integral part of the street scene and, although the appearance and colours of the sneakers are more adapted to modern day styles, the basic design still remains the same. The perfect combination of style and comfort!

Superga Women

For women, Superga offers a beautiful collection of sneakers and slides in an extensive colour palette. Superga sneakers are very popular among women, because they uniquely combine comfort with a stylish design. For example, a large part of the women's sneakers range has a platform sole, which not only makes you stand a little taller, but also keeps you walking comfortably. Last but not least, the minimalist design ensures that you can keep matching the sneakers with every outfit. In short, an asset to your wardrobe!

Superga Men

Superga men's sneakers are easy to recognise by the characteristic flat soles in combination with a beautiful canvas or cotton material. Thanks to the timeless design, Superga sneakers will not quickly go out of fashion and this also ensures that you can combine the shoes with everything in your wardrobe. Whether you choose a summer outfit or a pair of cool jeans, the men's sneakers collection from Superga will complete your look. Take a look at the men's sneaker collection and choose your favourites.

Superga Sneakers

White Superga sneakers, blue Superga sneakers, or black Superga sneakers: you will find them all in the Superga sneaker collection here at Etrias Brands. The Superga sneakers collection has become extremely popular, which is thanks to the casual, sporty, and timeless design. You can therefore rely on us for various models for women, men, and children. This way the whole family can dress in style! Our range includes popular series such as the Superga 2790, the Superga 2750, or the Superga 2730.

Superga 2790

Are you looking for Superga 2790 sneakers? Then Etrias Brands is the right place for you. The Superga 2790 collection is known for the thick platform sole in combination with a fabric upper with a classic lace closure. The Superga 2790 sneaker is extremely popular among women worldwide, because it can be combined with almost anything. For example, wear them with a summer skirt for a sporty touch or with skinny jeans for an edgy look. With the Superga 2790 series, you will always be perfectly dressed.

Superga 2750

The Superga 2750 sneaker is the iconic model with which the brand has grown. The sturdy, vulcanised rubber outsole ensures that you feel like you're walking on clouds all day long. The sporty design in a variety of colours makes it possible to wear the sneaker for any occasion. You will always look great in the Superga 2750 sneaker. In short, a super versatile sneaker that should not be missing from your shoe collection. Curious about which Superga 2750 models we offer? Then take a look at our collection.