Le Chameau

Le Chameau wellies

Le Chameau was founded in 1927 in France, and has since been dedicated to their aim of designing and creating comfortable and durable boots for all manner of activities; farming, hunting, or even fishing. Since its creation, the brand has become a leader in its field, with Le Chameau boots being sold all over the world to lovers of the outdoors. The brand has very high standards for the production process of Le Chameau wellies, with it taking nine months of intensive training to become a "Maître bottier". Le Chameau wellington boots are therefore made to an outstanding level of quality, which is why we here at Etrias Brands have included their beautiful collection in our assortment.

Le Chameau Boots

Le Chameau wellingtons are not only very stylish, they are an incredibly practical addition to any outdoor wardrobe. These boots are made using vulcanised rubber, which means that the material is even more durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your Le Chameau boots for years to come. View our assortment of beautiful boots from this brand on the page above, which includes some of their most popular models, such as the Le Chameau Vierzonord boots.