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Aquanova Bins

Aquanova bins

Pedal bins from Aquanova come in many different colours and are equipped with minimalist, beautiful, sleek designs. The best-known series is the Aquanova Ona bin, which perfectly matches the other Aquanova items from this collection. The bins in Aquanova's collection are compact and offer about three litres of space. The bins from this bathroom brand are also manufactured from stainless steel. Because of this, these bins will last for years to come as well as contribute to a luxurious appearance for your bathroom.

Aquanova Ona Bins

Bins from the Aquanova brand have the same values as the brand itself: authentic, contemporary, and of high quality. This is also in line with Aquanova's motto: "We love to create the look you love". The brand achieves this by bringing a new collection and new series to the market every year, which is in line with the trends of the coming year, ensuring an always stylish and luxurious decor.