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Cawö Bath Towels

Cawo bath towels

With a luxurious bath towel from Cawö, you will feel as if you've just stepped into a sauna. These bath towels are the larger models in Cawö's assortment and are ideal for wrapping up in after a warm shower or relaxing bath. These towels are made exclusively from high quality cotton, which ensures that the towels feel fluffy and soft. The high quality of the material used also ensures that, even after a few washes, the towels retain their softness and their colour, so you can enjoy them for a very long time.

Cawö Shower Towels

Cawö towels are made to hotel quality standards, which means that you are assured of unrivalled comfort. The towels in this collection are super soft and fluffy, but also absorb moisture rapidly, so you will very quickly and easily dry off after a bath or shower. What's more, Cawö ensures that the materials they use are responsibly sourced, ensuring an eco-friendly production process.