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Herschel Accessories

Herschel accessories

Alongside their popular collection of backpacks, suitcases, and clothing, Herschel Supply Co. has also created a line of handy accessories that will make for easy packing and travelling. On the page below, for example you will find an excellent selection of hip bags and toiletry bags. These are perfect for a number of occasions. Toiletry bags are ideal when camping or going away on holiday, so you never have to fumble about to find your shampoo or your make-up. The hip bags in this range can be used for travelling, day trips, or just day to day activities.

Herschel Toiletry Bag

If you're going away on holiday, whether a camping trip, weekend away, or a trip around the world, you will need to organise your things well so that you can access them easily without having to unpack everything. That's why we have included a great range of toiletry bags from Herschel Supply Co. in our assortment. These bags offer ample space and have different compartments for neat storage.