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Laauw is a Dutch bag brand that was founded in 2016 by three friends from Waalwijk. With a passion for entrepreneurship and an eye for fashion, they decided to start a design label. The basis for all their bags comes from the leather industry, which is deeply rooted in the history of Waalwijk. If you are looking for a functional yet trendy bag, you will find exactly what you are looking for Laauw's stunning collection.

Laauw Bag

The young, Dutch brand Laauw has created an extensive collection of bags. The bags are divided into various collections such as the Urban and the Collabs ranges. The storyline of the collections is based on different cultures in which all three founders are very interested. The bags are made from different types of leather in natural tones. Thanks to the top quality of each model, you can rest assured that a bag from this brand that will last for years. View the Laauw collection above to find what you are looking for, be it a hip bag, shoulder bag, or handbag.