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The shoes and flip flops from OOfos help your feet to recover after a long day of walking or standing or a strenuous activity. The flip flops from OOfos are made of a special foam, which gives joints more rest and absorbs shocks. OOfos flip flops are also designed in such a way that they stimulate continuous movement, while at the same time supporting the arch of the foot. Experience the comfort for yourself and choose from our range of OOfos flip flops on the page below!

OOfos Flip Flops

OOfos flip flops are known for the high level of comfort they offer. The soft toe piece in combination with the durable OOfoam ensures a natural settlement of the foot, which provides more rest for the joints and lower back. OOfos flip flops are also made of a shower and water resistant material, so you can put the flip flops on immediately after exercise. In addition, OOfos flip flops have a moisture and bacteria-resistant effect, which, among other things, ensures that no unpleasant odours are absorbed. The ideal flip flops to wear after exercise!