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The Pikolinos shoes brand was founded in 1984. Pikolinos is a brand with a lot of personality. Each shoe has its own unique design. All experience and expertise to craftsmanship is included in the personality of the shoe. Pikolinos is based on the Mediterranean lifestyle, with its light colours and soft and relaxed character. The exclusivity of the Pikolinos brand lies in the production process of each model. New techniques make it possible to give the shoes a high quality, making wearing Pikolinos shoes an unforgettable experience.

Pikolinos Shoes

The leather from which Pikolinos shoes are made has been carefully selected by Pikolinos in a separate process and subjected to complex machining processes. It is processed by a wax with milk proteins that add a natural look and shine to the shoe. The leather that is used is only treated naturally, so the leather remains soft and lasts for an extra long time. This way you are guaranteed years of enjoyment from your new Pikolinos shoes! Here at Etrias we have, among other things, sandals, wedges, boots, moccasins, and lace-up shoes in the range. Thanks to Pikolinos, you will have the right shoe for every occasion.