all Playmobil products

Playmobil is a very popular toy brand that has been bringing the best products onto the market for years. They always use high-quality materials to create the well-known 3-inch dolls and all their associated buildings, vehicles, and accessories. Playmobil has made a fun toy set in almost every theme and popular topic, so every child can find their favourite characters in the super fun Playmobil range. Toys that last for years and can provide endless fun!

Playmobil Ghostbusters

The Playmobil Ghostbuster collection is based on the popular Ghostbuster movies. Catch scary monsters or go on an adventure with your favourite Ghostbuster friends. Beat the Marshmallow man, then enjoy a well-deserved meal at the hot dog stand. It's all possible with the Playmobil Ghostbusters series!

Playmobil Country

The Playmobil Country is all about life on the farm and in the countryside. The Playmobil Country play sets consist of fun farm animals, horse wagons, pony parks, and associated farm houses. The Playmobil Country series can also be expanded with play sets from the other Playmobil collections, such as helicopters and quads, for even more adventures. The Playmobil Country collection is suitable for children from 4 years and helps your child to develop motor skills.

Playmobil City Life

The Playmobil City Life collection is all about life in the big city. The play sets for this series therefore consist of buildings such as shops, zoos, houses, but also families and vehicles. This is how city life really comes to life! With the Playmobil CIty Life series, your child is assured of hours of fun.

Playmobil Dragons

Children's dreams will come true with the Playmobil Dragons collection. At a young age, many kids are fascinated by fantasy worlds full of flying beasts and fire-breathing monsters. This fantasy can become a reality with the Playmobil Dragons series. Choose from various types of dragons and ships and combine with other Playmobil collections to create an extra exciting story. With the Playmobil Dragons collection, your little one will never get bored!

Playmobil City Action

The Playmobil City Action offers your child an action-packed world in which they can find everything to build their own city. Help the coast guard carry out a rescue or visit the airport and go on a journey. With the Playmobil City Action series, you are in control! Choose from play sets such as fire stations, police stations, and much more.

Playmobil Knights

The Playmobil Knights collection takes you to a world full of knights, castles, and crusades. The series is therefore perfect for children who are interested in the Middle Ages. Save the princess or enter a tournament, and after a long day full of adventures, you can relax in the castle. With the Playmobil Knights collection, the wildest fantasies become reality.