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Scanpan Cooking Pot

Scanpan Cooking PotLooking for a new cooking pot? You can rely on Scanpan for cooking pots that can be used on gas, induction, and all other types of heat sources. Pots and pans from Scanpan are characterised by their high quality and stylish Scandinavian design. Scanpan also manufactures its cooking pots exclusively from the very best materials, so you can count on high durability. You are sure to find your new favourite pots and pans here in our Scanpan collection!

Scanpan Pots

Scanpan cooking pots are of absolute top quality. Scanpan pots are made from aluminium that is first melted by hand and then cast in a mould. A high pressure is then applied to the aluminium casting to create a pot with a very high density. The high density ensures that the pots conduct and retain heat optimally, so you can quickly prepare your favourite dishes. The thickness of the pot also guarantees that no distortion will occur.