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This Swedish company specialises in cast iron pots and pans. The company has a long history that originated in 1906. At that time, cast iron was a material that was widely used for the production of pans. In Scandinavia, where this material was extremely popular, many small companies focused on the manufacture of cast iron products. As time went on and new materials were developed, many of these companies went bankrupt, except Skeppshult. Thanks to its unprecedented quality, Skeppshult is the only company left from this cast-iron period. The beautiful design and durability of the pans ensure that pans from Skeppshult are highly sought after.

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Cast iron is used by many beloved cookware brands. This is because the material is incredibly resilient, long-lasting, and most importantly creates the most delicious meals. Cast iron combined with superior Scandinavian design and quality craftsmanship ensures the ultimate cookware, which is what Skeppshult delivers. Browse our collection on the page above to find your new favourite pots and pans.