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Stutterheim raincoats

Stutterheim is a Swedish brand that was founded by Alexander Stutterheim in 2010. The brand's aim is simple: to design and create rainwear that combines functionality, comfort, and style. Stutterheim raincoats are made with the highest quality materials by experienced craftsmen. The result is beautiful, timeless raincoats. On the page below, you will find some of the brand's most popular raincoat models, such as the Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat, or the Stutterheim Mosebacke. Browse our collection and treat yourself to a Stutterheim raincoat today.

Stutterheim Raincoat

Simplicity, high quality, functionality, and beauty: that's what you get with a Stutterheim raincoat! Stutterheim started from humble beginnings and has since rocketed into becoming a well-known rainwear brand around the world; even celebrities have been spotted in these coats, for example Kanye West in the Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat! View all of the coats we have to offer from Stutterheim on the page above and find the perfect one for you.