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Toni Pons

Toni Pons is a Spanish brand that was founded in the outskirts of Girona in 1946. The brand began developing espadrilles, shoes made with jute or rubber, which were at the time worn as work shoes for on the land. The brand's founder, Antoni Pons I Carós, decided to expand into an international company and made steps into the French market in 1991, after which their recognition soared. Since then, the brand has continued to design beautiful espadrilles and summery shoes, the best of which can be found in our Toni Pons collection below.

Toni Pons Espradrilles

Essence, tradition, and historic craftsmanship are central to Toni Pons' espadrille production process, which has resulted in a beautiful collection of shoes. Tradition is also combined with more modern trends, which means that the shoes are timelessly stylish. What's more, the brand takes great pride in being environmentally-friendly, using only high quality, natural materials for their shoes. This high quality and the rigorous quality control checks that are performed ensures that you can enjoy each pair for a very long time.