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Wishbone balance bikes

Wishbone is a brand that offers a great choice of balance bikes for children. The company was founded by a couple from New Zealand in 2005. When the couple had children, they wanted to provide the perfect toy for their children that would help get them moving around and to teach them to ride a bike. Hence, the Wishbone balance bike was born. Since the brand's conception, Wishbone has become popular all over the world. The same couple are still in control of the both the design and business operations, so you can be sure that you can rely on consistent quality from this family company.

Wishbone Bike

Wishbone balance bikes are an excellent choice for your children for a number of reasons. Not only are they are fun way for your children to get up and moving around, they are really helpful tools with which your children can develop their motor skills. That means that you can help aid your child's development in a fun and exciting way for your kids.